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The Mudge Boy 2003

The Mudge Boy 2003 Bhm Min 300x152 2

Sensitive, somewhat effeminate farm-boy Duncan Mudge can barely cope with grim, since Ma”s death even gloomier father Edgar”s manly expectations, and seeks comfort in petting a chicken he associates with his late Ma. Macho mate Perry Foley, who has it physically even harder on his dad”s farm, usually comforts Duncan and defends his “wimpiness” to their cocky ruffian mates Travis, Scotty and Brent. But although clearly attracted to gentle gentile Ducan himself, the socially unacceptable suggestion of “sissy” homosexuality makes Perry over-react and turn on his friend. Continue reading

Was Soll Blos Aus Dir Werden 1984

Abegn5ot O 1

In this 1984 West German film, a 12 year-old street kid in a slum of Berlin struggles to stay afloat through a commitment to his compassionate teacher and ambivalent classmates, aged 11-14, who also bear the harsh marks of impoverishment, which manifest themselves in peer ruthlessness and disrespect of adults. Movie does not, however, end in a tragic manner. Film contains frequent profanity, alcoholism, mild crime and peer violence, brief male nudity. This describes the film in German, without dubbing or subtitles. Continue reading

Out Now 2005

N2sfnwe9 O 2

Tom, 16, lives in a small town in Bavaria and is about to admit his homosexuality to society. Being mobbed and threatened in school and after some exiting experiences he overcomes his own barriers and makes his dream come true: getting into contact with others. The Story tells us from Tom, he is gay, he is chatting with other gay boys over the internet, but he would never admit it in front of others. By coincident he finds out, that Nikias ” one of the cool guys in school, who mob Tom ” likes to have sexual contact with boys as well. To be more accurate: Tom finds Nikias having sex with another guy on a couch. And on top of that, there is this very cute boy from the candy shop, Continue reading