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Spectre 2006

Spectre 2006

Spectre 2006

Spectre 2006
Películas para no dormir: Regreso a Moira (original title)
Not Rated | 1h 15min | Drama, Horror, Mystery | TV Movie 14 August 2006


Tomás is a successful writer who has spent the last forty years living outside Spain. After the strange death of his wife, he receives an old tarot card, the love card, which has a strong meaning for him due to something that happened in his past.

So he returns to the small village in which he was born and raised. He is haunted by memories of the tragic events from the long past. At a young age, he desperately fell in love with a mysterious woman, whom everyone in the district shunned, considering him a witch. She died a painful death during a fire ” And now he is haunted by nightmares and visions, from which the blood freezes in his veins and her hair moves on his head. Here and there he sees the ghost of a woman. Overwhelmed by vague suspicions, he decides to go to the place where his beloved”s house once stood


Spectre 2006 Spectre 2006

Spectre 2006 Spectre 2006

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We are happy to present another great movie to you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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