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Le silence des eglises 2013

Qwaikn5q O

At the age of 12, Gabriel was sexually abused by Father Vincey, his headmaster. Fifteen years later, he is still traumatized. Constantly racked by this wrong that he has kept secret, Gabriel buys a gun and moves in near the boarding school where the priest is still headmaster, Continue reading

Oswalt Kolle Dein Kind ” das unbekannte Wesen 1970

Sdljsor1 O 1

Naturism on the island of Sylt in the North Sea, naked children, Kolle, and a real birth. Be frank sex education for young people, especially teenagers. Shame the outdated and lit (think) images are from the hippie era. More than twenty years later with new text and comments and reassembled (and a little shortened) for broadcast on TV, but it does not. (google translated) Continue reading