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Twin Brothers – 53 Scenes in Chronological Order 2011

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Gustav and Oskar are twins. Oskar has Achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism. Both have blue eyes and blonde hair. They approach life in different ways. The director, Axel Danielson, have filmed Oskar and Gustav over a ten year period ” from nine to nineteen ” as they grow up together in an old farmhouse in the country-side, in the very South of Sweden. In 53 scenes in chronological order we follow the brothers through their journey of childhood, adolescence and struggle for identity. Continue reading

Phares d”ouest 1990

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Twelve youngsters (ages 10 to 15) from the French experimental school L”Ecole en Bateau (The Floating School) have set out on a unique educational expedition that will take them on the voyage of a lifetime, sailing the “Kerrek Ven” ” a 3-masted fishing schooner, as they follow the voyages of Christopher Columbus from Seville to the Caribbean and Venezuela. Continue reading