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Out Now 2005

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Tom, 16, lives in a small town in Bavaria and is about to admit his homosexuality to society. Being mobbed and threatened in school and after some exiting experiences he overcomes his own barriers and makes his dream come true: getting into contact with others. The Story tells us from Tom, he is gay, he is chatting with other gay boys over the internet, but he would never admit it in front of others. By coincident he finds out, that Nikias ” one of the cool guys in school, who mob Tom ” likes to have sexual contact with boys as well. To be more accurate: Tom finds Nikias having sex with another guy on a couch. And on top of that, there is this very cute boy from the candy shop, Continue reading

Abdulladzhan, ili posvyashchaetsya Stivenu Spilbergu 1991

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On the village called “Communism” wrecked alien ship, which was carrying an alien boy. Bazarbay Narmatov, the village foremost, accidentally finds a wounded and weakened alien boy, decides to help him and gives the name Abdullajan. Naive people of the village not knowing that boy was an alien took him for an illegitimate son of Bazarbay and witnessed some extraordinary events. Continue reading